How to Cook Paleo-Friendly Oven BBQ Porkchops

Don’t let the name fool you! Despite its seemingly casual connotation, BBQ porkchops in the oven are anything but.

BBQ Porkchops In The Oven is an elegant and sophisticated way to prepare pork chops, one that requires minimal effort and yields delicious results every time.

Ingredients For the Paleo-Friendly BBQ Porkchops In The Oven

To complete your tailgating feast, here are a few essential ingredients:

Hass avocados. The creamy texture of these deliciously creamy fruits makes them an ideal complement to pork dishes such as this one!

Upon contact with the flame, they immediately begin releasing their fatty oils and imparting flavor; don’t forget to liven up those tacos!

To fully realize the tangy flavors imparted by lemon juice during cooking, you must employ it judiciously; don’t let it overpower all other flavors! To avoid this undesirable outcome – as well as that tart aftertaste – use lemon zest sparingly; instead allowing its aroma to permeate throughout your dish whilst infusing it with its unique properties.

Tools for the job

Utilizing the correct tools will assist you in achieving an ideal result every time. I encourage you to invest in some equipment as well!

For searing and grilling:

In order to cook your porkchops in the oven, it is essential that you utilize a flat-bottomed pan. If you are going to use something round, like a casserole dish or skillet, ensure that it is fully preheated before adding any ingredients so that they may become evenly cooked.


To prepare your pork chops for cooking in the oven, simply sear them on both sides before placing them into an oven-safe dish. It’s important that you use fat when rendering this method of cooking; if you prefer not to use it, then simply set aside some of its juices for flavorings later on.

Do take care not to overbrown your meat! Ensure that each side turns a rich golden brown before pulling from the oven. To ensure even cooking throughout the entire piece – and thus avoiding any overcooked areas – be sure to place it back after it has cooled down.

Getting ready to cook in the oven

The oven will be your primary cooking chamber, so it’s imperative that you take all necessary precautions.

Keep an eye on the temperature of your oven as you begin prepping; this will serve as a guidepost for when to switch from stovetop to gas, or vice versa.

Preheat your oven to 450°F (230°C). Once it has reached its desired temperature, lower the temperature one degree at a time – taking care not to exceed 450°F! I’ve found that after removing my pork chops from their marinade, they can be quite forgiving during cooking.

How to Cook Paleo-friendly BBQ Porkchops In The Oven Step by Step

Are you in search of an all-time classic dish that’s compatible with the Paleo diet? Then look no further than pork chops!

For this recipe, we’ve got a quick and easy method for making boneless center-cut pork loin chops that is sure to please any palate. It takes advantage of the oven’s ability to quickly prepare hearty meals while providing ample moisture needed during roasting.

In order to achieve a crisp exterior on these pork chops without overcooking them, it’s essential not to leave them unattended during the cooking process. By relying on the timer incorporated into our recipe, coupled with avoiding exposing your meat to direct sunlight, we can ensure that our meal will be evenly cooked throughout – ensuring that each slice remains tender and juicy whilst boasting its unique taste profile!

Perfectly cooked Paleo-friendly BBQ porkchops in the oven

If you’re looking for a hassle-free cooking method for BBQ pork chops, this is it. Instead of taking up valuable time over an open flame, simply transfer the cooked chops from their pan to a baking dish where they will roast until tender and juicy.

To make this dish even quicker, you can use frozen meat or precooked pork chops! To ensure that your ingredients are perfectly sautéed without overcooking them – just like the one pictured here!


A pair of perfectly seared porkchops can be served alongside a mound of sautéed Brussels sprouts or shallot-slivered asparagus, accompanied by roasted cauliflower rice and a citrus salad. Or simply enjoy them alone as an exquisite meal!


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