Cuisinart MSC-600 3-in-1 Multi Slow Cooker

Who wouldn't love those slow cooked, meals, whether it's vegetables, beef, chicken or pork?

They all taste great.

Ever wondered how you could create your own slow cooked meals?

The secret: Cuisinart MSC-600 3-in-1 Slow Cooker that's also a Multi Cooker.

In today's article, I'd like to show you why this is one of the best Slow Cookers to buy

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Is this one of the best kitchen equipment's you'll buy in years?

Before I decided on this slow cooker, I had read a lot of reviews about it. This review will be the sum of it and hopefully this will help you decide to try this product as well.

I love tender meat (pork, chicken, and beef). I know that crock-pots or slow cookers are one of the ways to make them. The long, slowly cooked process allows anyone to create delicious meals in just a few hours.

But the Cuisinart MSC-600 is not just a slow cooker. It's a multi-purpose kitchen appliance

It can brown meat and even cook bacon. That's something that's not possible with other slow cookers. 

You can use it to create roasted chicken, steamed asparagus, steamed vegetables, pot roast, and my favorite, turkey soup (or any type of soup).

​I usually don't read the manual except if there are controls or settings that I can't figure out. I guess the Cuisinart MSC-600 makes it even easier because everything is self-explanatory.

After running the slow cooker for awhile, I've noticed that the outside part of the slow cooker is still cool even if the inside part of the cooker is already cooking the meat.

That's a great feature because it can prevent accidental burns if you touch the slow cooker unintentionally.​

It looks good in my kitchen countertop, and I don't have any problems with it slipping on the countertop because it has 4 rubber stoppers on it's feet that firmly secures it in place. ​

What I liked about the Cuisinart MSC-600 Slow Cookers?​

I'll assume that you want to check out the recipes and the manual of the Cuisinart MSC-400, MSC-600, and MSC-700. Fortunately, they are available here.

The recipe book is great and I've discovered a lot of delicious recipes that's perfect for this appliance.

Just add the ingredients, set the cooking time (or use the programmable cooking settings), wait for a few hours, and once it's cooked, it automatically shuts off and switches to “warm” setting mode to keep the food heated and perfect for serving.

After using it for quite some time, I've realized how easy it is to clean and use this machine. ​You'll also love it's browning feature that can brown the meat of my favorite recipes.

I just love this slow cooker because you'll be able to brown your meat before switching it to a slow cooker. And if you have kids like me at home, the exterior of this slow cooker doesn't get too hot which is perfect for our growing family.

I absolutely love the automatic “warm” setting of this appliance once cooking is done. It will automatically switch to that mode so that when you're ready to eat, your slow cooked meal will still be warm and perfect for serving.​

The Cons and Disadvantages of this Slow Cooker

When I unbox this slow cooker, I checked the cord attached to this appliance and I've noticed that it's very long and it's also unretractable.

That can become a trip-hazard if you aren't careful enough.

The insert (where you put your food items) is made of aluminum and is coated with Teflon, those are great things but the insert has stay-cool handles made of hard plastic.

That hard plastic would melt if you put it on the oven or in the stove. 

Another thing that I didn't like about this slow cooker (or with most slow cookers) is that they take up a huge amount of space in my kitchen countertop. ​

Probably a solution for this is to either remove stuff from my kitchen countertop or order a smaller appliance like the Cuisinart MSC-400.

The Cuisinart MSC-700 on the other hand looks almost the same as the Cuisinart MSC-600 but the MSC-700 has a deeper insert which means it could accommodate more food.​

More food cooked in one batch equals more servings. This is perfect for 6-10 people depending on how much each people would eat.

The Features and Benefits of the Cuisinart Slow Cookers

  • You can switch from one cooking to another if you need to with the one-touch button switches
  • An large, easy to view Liquid Crystal Display that shows the temperature and time settings
  • An easy to use and clean, 6 quart (4 or 7 quart for the other models), aluminum crock pot with teflon coating to prevent food from sticking to the pot
  • A usable glass lid that allows for clear viewing of your cooking
  • Has a long 3-year warranty
  • You can use the dishwasher for the removable parts for easy cleaning. Steaming rack included.
  • If purchased on Amazon, it is shipped in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

For a complete demo video on the Cuisinart 3-in-1 Cook Central, watch it below:

There are tons of unique features and perks in using this slow cooker. Let's start with the Glass cover with handle.

The Glass lid with handle is perfect if you want to get a clear view of what your cooking. And because it's glass, it traps heat really well while still allowing you to get a clear picture of what's happening.

The next feature: Steaming rack. 

It includes a way where you can elevate ingredients and steam them instead. Perfect for steam vegetables.

Teflon, Non-stick aluminum 6-quart slow cooker crock pot. – I just love those non-stick coatings. Though you have to be careful not to use abrasive and sharp objects when cleaning your slow cookers in order to prevent damage to the Teflon coating.

Yup, they are BPA Free. All the parts and ingredients that comes in contact with your food is free from BPA. BPA is usually found in plastics materials.

Next, it has a central programmable control panel buttons that allows you to choose between “slow cooking”, “browning/sauteing” or “steaming.

It also includes a way for you to set a desired cooking time.

​And of course, it includes ways to control the temperature as well up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, the start and stop button that's used to operate the appliance. And don't forget the Blue backlit LCD display that shows how many minutes left and the current temperature (be careful) at this point forward.

My Recommendation and Feedback

This slow cooker can do a lot of things. It has tons of great features, and one of the best features that I've ever seen is using this slow cooker for browning, sauteing, slow cooking and steaming.

I'm quite confident that with these delicious slow cooker recipes and the Cuisinart MSC-600, you'll have tons of great time to make and enjoy great food.

I can almost guarantee that this is probably one of the best appliances you'll ever buy.

With the Cuisinart MSC-600 multi cooker, you'll have little or no complaints at all with regards to the quality of this appliance.