250 Paleo Tips

We've collected the best tips and mindsets on turning "Paleo"...

Hi Paleo Mint Readers!

Here's HUGE LIST of tips (250) for men, women, beginners, veterans.

1. Eat the entire egg
2. Don't be lazy and just sit around
3. Have an eating plan ahead of time including snacks
4. Stock up on Vegetables
5. Find a Paleo friend instead of doing this alone
6. Fruits are your friends
7. It's normal to be hungry at times
8. K.I.S.S. principle, especially with your meals
9.Have variety on your diet for more options
10. Get out there & exercise
11. Replace your favorite foods with the healthy, Paleo alternative
12. Don't expect "EVERYONE" to agree with your diet choice
13. Buy organic food when it makes sense
14. Get a lot of sleep
15. Try to avoid using your phone for hours
16. Don't use the computer for several hours without rest
17. Start lifting some weights
18. See what areas of your life have made progress, be thankful
19. Try Ghee (Clarified butter)
20. Your crock pot is your best friend
21. Learn something new about Paleo everyday
22. Have patience with yourself and others
23. Try some intermittent fasting
24. Stock your refrigerator with Paleo foods
25. Clean up your pantry of food that's not Paleo
26. Try some organ meats
27. Things will be easier as long as you continue doing it
28. Enjoy playtime with your family
29. Start eating healthier fats each day
30. Learn a new skill, cooking!
31. Drink plenty of water each day
32. Have the right mindset
33. Walk tall, sit tall and be straight
34. Try high intensity, training workouts
35. Leverage modern appliances like blenders and food processors
36. Try it first before you complain
37. When going to the restaurant, be upfront with the waiter and ask to make it different
38. Don't forget that there are Paleo deserts available
39. Start saving your favorite Paleo diet recipes
40. Eat a well balanced meal
41. Learn how to read food labels
42. Choose coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil for cooking
43. Detox or Cleanse your body before going Paleo
44. When it's feasible outside, start the grill
45. Create a Paleo-friendly kitchen
46. If you're going to cheat eating, don't beat yourself up
47. Remember you're a warrior, a predator, you can do it!
48. Try green juice and green smoothies
49. Try Salmon
50. There are substitutes for white flour, almond flour
51. It's ok to be against the crowd especially in parties
52. Watch out what you put on your coffee
53. Enjoy sports and playtime outside
54. Always have a Paleo-friendly recipe book near you
55. Don't forget about herbs and spices
56. Buy a dedicated freezer when purchasing bulk meat
57. Prayer and meditation helps calm the mind
58. Buy Grass-fed when it makes sense
59. Mix and match, while trying new ideas and recipes
60. When you're angry or depressed, you have a tendency to overeat
61. Once you feel that you're full, stop eating
62. Watch out for salt
63. Avoid drinking empty calories like artificial fruit juices
64. Don't follow fad diets
65. Start your own garden and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables
66. Start with one dumbbell if you haven't lift any weights before
67. Choose fruits and vegetables in season
68. Don't be overwhelmed
69. Set realistic and measurable goals
70. Begin a new hobby or interest
71. Start jogging or running daily
72. Bacon is your friend (still in moderation)
73. Don't be afraid to experiment
74. Stop being a couch potato
75. Don't grab that bag of chips while watching TV
76. Use a smaller plate when eating
77. De-stress yourself
78. Strive for excellence and expertise
79. Don't be afraid to ask for advice
80. Don't use Diet Pills
81. Keep an accurate before and after record of your weight
82. Start blogging your journey in Paleo
83. Look for Paleo-friendly diners and restaurants
84. Choose healthier dessert options
85. Legumes like peanuts are not Paleo
86. Quit Smoking
87. Start a food journal
88. Eat slowly and take note of what you're eating
89. Choosing Paleo might be more expensive initially, but you'll get more nutrition from it
90. Embrace change, for the better
91. Don't visit negative forums, engage in negative talk and listen to naysayers
92. Sleep and rest are equally important
93. There will be challenges, but you'll be prepared
94. Choose durable kitchen equipment and appliances, you'll be using for a long time
95. Use your common sense and conventional wisdom
96. Watch out for industry-funded and biased scientific researches
97. Never quit, but rather adjust your strategies when one is not working
98. If it's too good be true, it probably is. Don't fall into the trap of "miracle and magic buttons"
99. Be objective and be attentive
100. Don't finish off other people's excess food
101. Take pictures of what you're eating daily
102. Eat soups and stews more frequently
103. Don't speak when your mouth is full, and don't text while eating
104. Before going to a social event or party, eat a full meal so you won't be hungry on the party
105. Don't buy commercial condiments full of HFCS, make your own instead
106. Reduce or completely quit alcohol 
107. Join mastermind and support groups about Paleo
108. Try Zucchini or cucumber noodles as Pasta
109. Drink a glass of water first, if you feel hungry
110. Love yourself
111. Use an activity tracker - it doesn't matter if it's a watch, a notebook, or a smartphone
112. Discover what triggers your cravings - Ads? Emotions?
113. Can't find fresh fruits and veggies? Frozen fruits and veggies are a great option
114. Stay focused on your end goal of why you're doing this
115. Make a 1 week plan of the Paleo recipes you'll want to prepare
116. Buy meat in bulk
117. Preparation is key
118. Use a ziplock to create batches and put them in the fridge for quick use and access
119. Want to be successful? Stock up full with Paleo supplies
120. Make your own broth
121. This is worth it, and tell it to yourself daily
122. Focus on your plan and you'll see yourself closer to reaching your goal
123. Strive for consistency, not perfection
124. Always choose what you know will be best for you
125. Make your goal a S.M.A.R.T. goal - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bounded
126. It takes time, be patient
127. Paleo is not for everyone, but don't quit early
128. Begin with the end in mind for your Paleo journey
129. Have pride and confidence in what you do
130. Be passionate, go forth and do it
131. When making your next dinner, cook some extra for your next lunch
132. Don't forget to look at the sodium content in food packaging
133. Stick to food ingredients that are easy to pronounce
134. Create a Paleo Fanpage and join Facebook groups
135. Take this journey, one day, one step at a time
136. When your body and mind adapts, it will be a lot easier
137. Try a new recipe each week
138. Make your own kale chip
139. Visit your local farmers market instead of the supermarket
140. Look forward to the new you
141. If you're going on a potluck party, make something Paleo and make lots of it
142. Avoid sweets, sugar and refined foods
143. Drink water or tea in parties
144. Go to your local farmer
145. Follow a 30-day Paleo meal plan
146. Visit Paleo blogs especially Paleomint.com
147. Walk daily
148. If you're working on the desk for hours, stand and stretch every few minutes
149. Eat more veggies, or drink them
150. Don't make the mistake of too much enthusiasm that dies quickly
151. Listen to music that inspires you
152. Don't watch and listen to negative media
153. Find a mentor or look up one that you could model from
154. Do a 30-day challenge
155. Get a garbage bag and clean out the excess trash (especially food) in the house
156. Start by making your snacks Paleo, then dinner, then lunch, then your entire day.
157. Try a new meal at least once a week
158. If you can't eliminate all the non-Paleo food stuff at once, just remove one at a time
159. Stop buying the unhealthy, non-Paleo food stuff
160. Eat at the appropriate time. Don't have midnight snacks
161. Always do your diligent research as a friendly precaution
162. Check out the Paleo books by Dr. Cordain and Robb Wolf
163. Drink lots of water when you wake up
164. Find an accountability buddy
165. Find Paleo-friendly diners
166. Ask your family members to join, it will be easier for all
167. Start juicing for the next 7 days
168. Make your own health a priority
169. Focus on the rewards that you want to achieve
170. Don't foucs on the challenge, focus on your end goal
171. Stock up on meat during sales
172. Try boiled eggs for your breakfast
173. Delete Take-out and fast food numbers from your phone
174. Snack on Almonds, Cashew Nuts or other types of nuts
175. Buy Half a Cow
176. Eat at home rather than go and dine out
177. Keep those coupon clippings and grocery price-match
178. Bookmark online deals
179. Subscribe to Paleo blogs and newsletters, like ours
180. Avoid going to candy stores and ice cream shops
181. Make your own chicken stock from chicken leftovers and bones
182. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest dad
183. Just go.
184. Be sure that you eat what your body needs
185. You need to consider that this change is for your entire life not just eating Paleo
186. Use a meal planner, just use a calendar, or a notebook, or get a smartphone app for that
187. Don't go shopping on the grocery aisle, but go shopping on the perimeter
188. Skip the grocery aisle and go straight to the produce and meat section
189. Don't go on supermarkets on holiday sales because candies and chocolates will be cheap
190. Just starting out, just choose one meal that you'll convert into Paleo, I chose breakfast first
191. You need to get used trying new things
192. If you need to stock Non-Paleo stuff, don't mix them with your Paleo goods.
193. Plan next day's meal plan the night before
194. Drinking coffee? Watch out it's effect on you and observe your body's reaction to it
195. Limit sugar, even stevia and agave because they can still affect your body negatively. 
196. Learn how to drink water often, and plenty of it
197. Get used to eating at the same Paleo-friendly restaurants, you'll need it
198. When ordering in a non-Paleo friendly restaurants, ask for substitutes
199. Buy coconut oil by the bulk or in Costco, you'll use it a lot
200. Stop watching Youtube several hours a day
201. Be thankful and grateful, you can't feel bad if you have an attitude of gratitude
202. Don't be afraid to take afternoon sleeps and "forty winks"
203. Find your Paleo-style - Grilled, baked, steamed?
204. Did you cheat? Don't feel guilty and get back on track quickly
205. Continuously educate yourself
206. Share your journey and knowledge about Paleo to others
207. Listen to Podcasts
208. Don't forget to experiment and try out new things on your own
209. Start with small changes but aim big
210. Paleo is NOT a diet but a lifestyle
211. Personalize based on your preferences
212. Take it slow, then make it simple, and start planning ahead. That's the formula
213. Love fat, the healthy ones of course
214. Take good care of your gut flora with the right nutrition, supplement and exercise
215. Use wine instead of beer
216. Invite your guests at home instead of going to their "food feast"
217. Love yourself, be committed, but don't be too strict on yourself
218. Love rice? Try Cauliflower rice
219. Love potatoes? Try sweet potatoes
220. Love dairy milk? Try coconut milk
221. Craving sugar? Use honey, agave, dates or stevia to sweeten it up
222. Need white flour? Try almond or coconut flour
223. Try smaller portions, they can be more satisfying
224. Traveling? Always bring something Paleo for emergency snacks/hunger
225. Booking in a hotel? Ask if you could have a mini-fridge in your hotel room
226. Try Bunless burgers - Ask the waiter if you could customize your order and ask if the buns could be removed or replaced with Portabello mushrooms
227. Always have a Plan B
228. Prepare and enjoy one paleo meal at a time
229. There are Paleo approved carbs like sweet potato, banana, chestnuts, and plantains.
230. Remember that the goal is health, and not just weight loss
231. Beware of hidden ingredients like sugar, dairy, and gluten
232. Make sure that you still get enough calcium from foods or supplements
233. Write down your goals and refer back to it if you've achieved them
234. Stock up on Paleo cookbooks and resources
235. Split your meals with a friend
236. Embrace Paleo with enthusiasm
237. Vegetarian? Yes, you can still be Paleo, just remove meat and add more nuts for more proteins.
238. Choose cheaper cuts of steaks like sirloin steaks
239. Start with easy to prepare and cook paleo meals
240. Watch out for gluten. Choose gluten-free foods
241. Start Paleo, then Stop eating the non-Paleo stuff. You can't do both
242. Want to lose weight on the Paleo diet? Watch your serving portion sizes
243. Master easy ingredient swaps
244. Love pancakes? Blend 2 eggs + banana then cook with coconut oil for a Paleo pancake
245. Don't be obsessed with the weighting scale. What you feel is more important
246. Don't stress on being 100% paleo, 100% of the time
247. It might actually be beneficial to you (and your sanity) to eat a non-Paleo at least once a week
248. Don't throw food away or waste them.
249. Eat organs, they are nutritionally dense and the least expensive (because not a lot buy them)
250. Last tip, is that I recommend that you enjoy the journey, savor the ride, there will be ups and downs during your journey, but that's part of learning. Now go eat some Paleo goodies!